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Instant Estimates

Give your customers estimates in under 60 seconds by white-labeling our roof cost calculator

Consumer Financing

Give consumers a monthly financing option in real time.

Free Measurements

You'll get access to free roof measurements on all your website leads!

E-Sign Software

Make things easy and efficient for you and your customers with free e-sign software.


Mini CRM to manage your website leads or populate the leads directly into your CRM.

Email Automation

Automated email follow ups for you and your website customers.

How it Works


Roofr Calculator Pricing


14 day free trial

  • Instant Estimates
  • Consumer Financing
  • Free Measurements
  • E-Sign Software
  • CRM
  • Email Automation

Step 1: Sign up for your 14 day free trial.

Step 2: Get on-boarded with Roofr.

Step 3: Put a snippet code on your website or have your developer install it.

Step 4: Customers will see a "Get Estimate" link on your website. When they complete the form, they will receive an instant price estimate based on your pricing.

Step 5: Access your website leads in your Roofr dashboard. Our mini CRM allows you to keep track of all your website leads, measure the roof, send a quote to the customer, and get them signed electronically.


Frequently Asked Questions

We charge $300/month. No commitments. Cancel when you want!
We recommend contacting the company that built your website or hiring a web developer to install the code. Roofr cannot install the code for you.
Yes, there are no commitments and you can cancel at anytime