Your eavestroughs need cleaning too...

We understand why you might be putting off cleaning out your eavestroughs. Let us save you the trouble; we’ll do it for you!

Eavestrough Cleaning

Roofr Eavestrough Cleaning FAQ

How often should I clean my eavestroughs?
With fall leaves and winter freeze/thaw cycles, we recommend a twice a year cleaning. An Autumn cleaning is great to remove the built up leaves and twigs that trees drop into the gutters. Spring cleaning should be quick, and is mostly to clean up any debris missed in the fall.
How quickly can you send someone?
Eaves cleaning is rarely an emergency. It can take a few days to get you connected with our professionals on site.
How much does it cost for one gutter cleaning?
The price depends on the size of the home, and access to eavestroughs. On average an eavestrough cleaning costs $99 in the Greater Toronto Area.
My roof is new, when do I clean my eaves?
New roofs shed more granules in their first year than the next 4 combined. We suggest cleaning your gutters twice a year, once in the autumn and once in the spring. Gutters should be inspected and cleaned regardless of when your roof was replaced.
Who will come and clean my gutters?
A Roofr vetted professional will come to inspect and clean your eaves, windows, and other out of reach parts of your home.
Can you fix my broken eavestrough?

We can connect you to reputable eavestrough experts in your area to bid on your eaves replacement or repair project.

Water in the wrong place can cause expensive damage

An overflowing eavestrough can cause all kinds of damage to you home. From discolored siding, or rotted fascia boards, to cracked pavement or flooded basements, the problems are serious.

The water flowing down your house can cause severe foundation problems over time and erode, destroy or water log your landscaping.

We understand why you might be putting off cleaning out your eaves troughs, it can be quite the task, not to mention it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let us save you the trouble; we’ll do it for you!

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water damage inside home

Prevent pests and smells

Trapped and stagnant water in your eaves troughs not only can cause damage to your home, but it also creates the perfect breeding area for mosquitoes. 3 of the 4 stages of a mosquito’s pesky life is spent in water, and by leaving your eaves troughs blocked, you are allowing these annoying, disease carrying insects to multiply on your property.

Along with mosquitoes, stagnant water in eavestroughs can attract other pests including birds, rodents and bees. Let us clean that up for you before things get out of hand.

It's tough to see these issues without a proper eavestrough inspection.

Eavestrough Cleaning

Winter eavestrough blockages can be disastrous

You might think that ice damming is caused by issues with your eave troughs, but really the root cause of most ice damming is heat escaping from your attic. The heat coming from your home will escape and melt the snow on your roof, causing it to run along the roof and into the eavestroughs.

This water running into clogged gutters cause damage to both your roof and your eaves troughs, as well as cause some dangerous falling icicle problems. The damming can force the water back up into the roof, which can cause severe rotting. Clean gutters, and proper application of Ice & Water will prevent this water damage.

Roof damage is always to be avoided. Eavestrough cleaning helps prevent damage to shingles over winter.

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Eavestrough Cleaning