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We'll send you a 6 page take off report outlining total squares, pitch, edges (including hips, valleys, ridges, flashing, and more)

Free Roof Measurement Software


Easy-to-Use Roof Measurement Software

Quickly measure roofs with pinpoint accuracy from your desk, or in the field! Reduce the need for on-site visits. Our tool allows you to outline roofs, identify roof features / edges, identify the pitch of each facet, and add pins to roof attributes that will help you price your roofing project!

You can then download your Roof Measurement report to help you better understand your roofing project.

Unlimited Measurements for FREE!

Time is money, and if you choose to use satellite image measurement tools, those costs can add up. We charge nothing for our roof measurement software, because we believe you should be able to provide your customers with a great experience for free.

We wanted to give roofers a tool to help them generate high quality measurement reports. We also wanted it to look great and be as easy to use as similar products that contractors currently pay a lot of money to use."

Richard Nelson

CEO – Roofr

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Access to
HD Imagery

Choose from standard imagery for free, or upgrade to premium imagery for a minimal price to really wow prospects. Measure from drone imagery or blueprints for free!


Unlimited Free Measurement Reports

Unlimited reports. No Catch. Our software is free to use for any Roofing Contractor. Download the report as a PDF or CSV (Excel) File



Need help using the software? We're here to help. Our experts will show you around to ensure you understand all the features and get the most out of the tool!

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