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Repair Damage to Your Roof After Hurricanes and Storms 

Hurricane Irma caused widespread damage and destruction across the state of Florida. This havoc has left Florida's residents with a lot to clean up and recover from. For many, this is a time of questions, without many answers.

Roofr can help answer some of those questions with our expert roofing advice.

Insurance Claims Experts

Hurricanes and other extreme weather events can lead to a surge in insurance claims, and a drop in the availability of qualified roofers.

We are experienced with roofing insurance claims, ensuring you get a new roof that lasts - protecting your home for years to come.

With the current state of emergency, unqualified contractors and handypersons are permitted to complete your insurance work. What you might not know though, is that when the next storm comes through and you lose shingles to high winds - you may not be covered!

Work with us to ensure your roof is covered by your insurer!

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Pro Tip: Check licenses and insurance

Verify you're hiring pros by viewing your roofers business licenses, safety certifications and insurance coverage to ensure that you are not liable for workplace accidents that can happen on your roof.

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Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims FAQ

What areas do you service?

Florida, USA

  •  Orlando, FL
  •  Tampa, FL
  •  Marco Island, FL
  •  Naples, FL
  •  Fort Myers, FL
  •  Jacksonville, FL
  •  Daytona Beach, FL
  •  West Palm Beach, FL
  •  Lake City, FL
  •  Gainesville, FL
  •  St. Augustine, FL
  •  Palm Coast, FL
  •  Daytona Beach, FL
  •  Ocala, FL
  •  Deltona, FL
  •  Sanford, FL
  •  Kissimmee, FL
  •  Clermont, FL
  •  Spring Hill, FL
  •  Lakeland, FL
  •  Clearwater, FL
  •  Palm Harbor, FL
  •  St. Petersburg, FL
  •  Sarasota, FL
  •  Venice, FL
  •  Fort Myers, FL
  •  Cape Coral, FL
  •  Marco Island, FL
  •  LaBelle, FL
  •  Altamonte Springs, FL
What are the first steps?

Get your roof tarped to prevent further water damage.

Programs such as FEMA & Project Blue Roof offer free tarping services that you may or may not qualify for. If you don't want to wait to find out, you can order a tarp from

How long will it take to have repairs completed?

Be prepared to wait months for roof repairs. There are over 500,000 Hurricane Irma insurance claims in Florida alone.

Throughout the state, roofers are choosing to help homeowners and businesses that are most significantly damaged. Due to the structure of most roofing companies, roof replacements are taking priority over repairs.

A tarp will protect your home until you can repair or replace the roof with the help of a trusted professional.