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Roofr is a roofing marketplace and roofing app that helps roofers find new customers, track projects, and sell more roofs.

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What does Roofr do for Roofers?

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Roofing Apps

Manage all of your roofing projects in one simple online dashboard

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Free Job Leads

Free roofing leads for qualified roofers - pay only for jobs you sell

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Customer service from roofing experts to help with customers 

How does it work?

01. We send you vetted roofing leads to quote

Our website provides hundreds of visitors daily with free instant satellite roofing estimates. Home owners who need their roof replaced love our technology. We work with these property owners in cities all over North America who need help with finding the right roofer for the job.

We interview every lead to better understand them and their project needs. Our process guarantees only high value leads get passed along to our roofing network. 

02. Contact the customer and get acquainted with the project

New leads will appear on the Roofr project management dashboard. Once you have a lead from Roofr, you're in charge of that roofing project until the end. You meet the customer and inspect their roof in person.

You sell the roof as you normally would, educating the customer and ensuring that they understand why you as a Roofr vetted contractor are the best choice for the project.

03. Upload your best bid to the Roofr platform

Use our project management dashboard to upload your estimate for the customer to approve before beginning the project. 

Track photographs, paperwork, and project details all in one convenient dashboard. No more lost papers or misplaced insurance claims evidence. We don't change the way you do business, we simply enhance it.

04. You only pay Roofr when a customer hires you for a new roof

Pay for only the jobs you actually sell through Roofr. We collect a small commission on the projects you sell that started as Roofr leads. Don't pay unless you win the project.

We currently charge for projects using an honor system. We send you leads, and when they close - win or lose - you report that information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more roofing leads & projects?
  •  Quote the projects assigned to you
  •  Complete your jobs in progress
  •  Report on jobs completed and leads lost
  •  Tell us when you get hired
  •  Submit your certifications and credentials 
  •  Pay your referral fees in a timely manner
How is the Referral fee paid?
  •  You pay a small commission on the total project value before tax directly to Roofr
  •  No minimums or monthly costs
  •  Pay directly on our platform or by bank transfer
Do I have a contract with Roofr?
The only agreement Roofr has for contractors is the agreement to pay a small referral fee after a project has been confirmed.
We like our roofers to use unbranded trucks, and leave a Roofr lawn sign on all your Roofr projects.
Where does Roofr operate?

Ontario, Canada

  •  Toronto, ON
  •  Newmarket, ON
  •  Muskoka, ON
  •  Barrie, ON
  •  Richmond Hill, ON
  •  Vaughan, ON
  •  North York, ON
  •  Mississauga, ON
  •  Oakville, ON
  •  Burlington, ON
  •  Hamilton, ON
  •  Grimsby, ON
  •  St. Catharines, ON
  •  Scarborough, ON
  •  Aurora, ON
  •  Brampton, ON
  •  Bradford, ON
  •  Keswick, ON
  •  Innisfil, ON
  •  Stouffville, ON
  •  King City, ON
  •  Nobelton, ON
  •  Mt Albert, ON
  •  Uxbridge, ON
  •  Zephyr, ON
  •  Udora, ON
  •  Collingwood, ON
  •  Orillia, ON
  •  Guelph, ON
  •  Kitchener, ON
  •  Niagara Falls, ON
  •  Milton, ON
  •  Whitby, ON
  •  Ballantrae, ON
  •  Pickering, ON
  •  Ajax, ON
  •  Oshawa, ON
  •  Markham, ON

California, USA

  •  San Francisco, CA
  •  Daly City, CA
  •  San Mateo, CA
  •  Palo Alto, CA
  •  San Jose, CA
  •  Saratoga, CA
  •  Campbell, CA
  •  Santa Cruz, CA
  •  Davenport, CA
  •  Swanton, CA
  •  Santa Clara, CA
  •  Los Gatos, CA
  •  Mountainview, CA
  •  Portola Valley, CA
  •  Stanford, CA
  •  Menlo Park, CA
  •  Silicon Valley, CA
  •  Fremont, CA
  •  Union City, CA
  •  Hayward, CA
  •  Castro Valley, CA
  •  San Leandro, CA
  •  Oakland, CA
  •  Berkley, CA
  •  Walnut Creek, CA
  •  Richmond, CA
  •  Sausalito, CA
  •  Napa Valley, CA
  •  Sonoma, CA
  •  Sunnyvale, CA
  •  Los Altos, CA
  •  Milpitas, CA

Florida, USA

  •  Orlando, FL
  •  Tampa, FL
  •  Marco Island, FL
  •  Naples, FL
  •  Fort Myers, FL
  •  Jacksonville, FL
  •  Daytona Beach, FL
  •  West Palm Beach, FL
  •  Lake City, FL
  •  Gainesville, FL
  •  St. Augustine, FL
  •  Palm Coast, FL
  •  Daytona Beach, FL
  •  Ocala, FL
  •  Deltona, FL
  •  Sanford, FL
  •  Kissimmee, FL
  •  Clermont, FL
  •  Spring Hill, FL
  •  Lakeland, FL
  •  Clearwater, FL
  •  Palm Harbor, FL
  •  St. Petersburg, FL
  •  Sarasota, FL
  •  Venice, FL
  •  Fort Myers, FL
  •  Cape Coral, FL
  •  Marco Island, FL
  •  LaBelle, FL
  •  Altamonte Springs, FL